Friday, September 08, 2006

The Dangereous Guardians of His-story

This is not what I wanted to comment on this week because I hate party politics and try to stay away from it but this is beyond the pale to an alarming point. That a U.S. Senator and cohorts will use the power of his office and of Congress to threaten and then to ask of a private television network that a show be pulled out simply because it is politically incorrect should be alarming to all regardless of political affiliation. Sen. Reid and those who signed the threatening letter to ABC over the showing of the docudrama "Path to 9/11" should be severely censured.

Since the media fabricated CIA leak scandal has plumetted into oblivion the media seems to be walking around brainless. Acting more like Fidel Castro than a Fullbright Scholar, President Clinton, has unleashed the full force of his legacy troopers against ABC. The Democratic Party apparently has a Ministry of Culture and Propaganda, headed by Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid and assisted by Assistant Democratic Leader Dick Durbin, Senator Debbie Stabenow, Senator Charles Schumer and Senator Byron Dorgan, and it has sent a threatening letter to ABC which intimates that their license could be in jeopardy once their hope for and almost guaranteed return to power takes place.

Just about every apparatchik of the Stalinist establishment has come out en masse after receiving marching orders from what now appears to be a Democrat Caudillo protecting a legacy which should stand on its own. That legacy shouldn't be in instant danger of being brought down by a little part of that history.

But the real scandal is the scandal of the silence of the media nomenklatura and the Hollywoodgentsia before the onslaught of censorship by the Democratic Party machinery against a little docudrama about 9/11 by ABC. Apparently it threatens the already obviously flimsy Clinton legacy. No one in the media or in the artistic community has come out in the defense of the writer, or ABC or freedom of speech.

No one in the media has come out in defense of one of their colleagues. A political party uses the power of Congress to ask a network to "pull out", as Sen. Reid has said "a work of fiction" and nobody in the liberal writer's community says anything? If it is just "a work of fiction", why worry? Is Sen. Reid saying that only works of fiction that he agrees with politically should be aired?

What is truly amazing is that Sen. Reid, Sen. Schumer and the rest admit that they haven't even seen the show! And those that have, admitted they only saw the first part. Even for a former Democrat like me - I'm independent now - it is hard to recognize the Democratic Party of today. Even the most timid liberal should be alarmed at the attempt not only of censorship but of out right intimidation of a private business in the exercise of freedom of speech.


Anonymous Davis said...

I saw both days of 9/11 and felt that neither political party was smeared. After listening to the various comments before the movie was aired and after reading Wednesday's Press, Letters to the Editor, I have come to the conclusion that depending upon where your allegiance lays on the political spectrum, your view will be skewed. The woman who wrote to the Press said that the liberal media was trying to embarrass the president before the upcoming election! My conservative friends feel the GR Press is liberal and my liberal friends feel that it is too conservative; go figure.

9:32 PM  
Blogger José Alejandro Amorós said...

Ditto to all...very true.

10:13 PM  

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